Alleviate Beach Rental Costs & Concerns — the Florida CFY Advantage Plan

How can I make more money, save on property costs, and bring in more reservations at the same time? We hear it all the time from Florida vacation rental homeowners just like you. Our answer: the Florida CFY Advantage Plan + All for YOU Marketing Bundle! Maximizing income while keeping fees at a minimum and solving common vacation rental issues simultaneously is what makes our unique advantage program so attractive. 

As a top full-time Florida property management company with decades of hands-on experience, we’ve worked hard to ensure our partnered beach rental owners get the most out of their investment by mitigating costs and concerns left and right — with the Florida CFY Advantage Plan. What’s covered? Pest control, bedbug prevention plus income protection, replenishing basic home supplies, a smart lock, and swimming pool services! And with the marketing bundle, you can add a 3D tour, drone shots, and specialty pictures to your online listing.

Why consider our advantage plan? Profit loss hits hard… And with an average revenue boost of 16% + reservation increase of 12%, the Florida CFY Advantage Plan is invaluable to property owners in Northwest Florida!

Start decreasing your overall vacation rental expenses and score more net profit as we dive into the many homeowner benefits of the Florida CFY Advantage Plan and customizable marketing tools! 

1. Handles Monthly Pest Control — Indoor & Outdoor

Sunny Florida, you’re beautiful, breezy…and have a thriving warm climate fit for bugs of all shapes and sizes. It’s inevitable: insects and small animals will try to invade your vacation home, which is a top complaint for guests. But you can ease the struggle and help prevent poor reviews with basic indoor and outdoor pest control every month — #1 on our list of advantages with Florida CFY! 

2. Provides Bedbug Prevention + Protected Income Loss

Speaking of bugs, there’s a particular sort no one likes to talk about in the accommodations industry: bedbugs. Not only do bedbugs pose a threat to your Gulf Coast rental, but they also mean frustrated guests, terrible reviews, and mandated refunds…and that’s not even including the hassle of ridding your property of these awful pests while losing potential rental nights. In other words, bedbugs cost YOU big time!

How can the Florida CFY Advantage Plan help? It covers regular bedbug preventative treatment as well as biannual K-9 property inspections. Plus, unlike most vacation rental companies, we provide 100% loss of rental income in the event bedbugs persist and cause issues — yes, you read that right! If anything, #2 on our list of benefits offers serious peace of mind. 

Note: this plan does not include the cost of removal or replacement of walls, floors, or other affected structures. 

3. Furnishes Basic Maintenance Supplies

Uh-oh! Looks like the batteries just died in the remote and your guests can’t use the big screen TV when they’ve been looking forward to the big game all day. What’s that? The light just went out over the stove in the kitchen — yikes! Ugh, the foosball table doesn’t have a ball to play with…and it’s all the kids could talk about on the 8-hour car ride to your beach house. How can you prevent these issues? One guess is all you’ll need!

With the Florida CFY Advantage Plan, a variety of basic maintenance supplies are covered and taken care of for you. Batteries are provided, light bulbs are stocked, and game table pieces are replaced as needed to keep guests happy — because sometimes, it really is the little things that make or break an experience. And that’s not all! Check out what else is covered below. 

What’s Provided

  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • HVAC filters
  • Hot tub chemicals
  • Game table pieces
  • Dart tips
  • And MORE!

Note: specialty bulbs (LED, halogen, glass flood, etc.) and specialty batteries (alarm) are not included.

4. Installs & Manages a Smart Lock for YOU

Worried about check-in taking too much time or guests lingering past checkout? Just want the entire check-in and checkout process to run more smoothly for your guests? Installing a data-linked smart lock — with a cellular gateway for remote management — on the front door of your Florida vacation rental is a surefire way to help prevent arrival and departure issues. Not to mention, this state-of-the-art technology lets you know when and how long guests are at your property and saves your guests valuable vacation time (no stopping at an office or managing keys), thus making your property even more desirable!

So, the Florida CFY Advantage Plan takes care of the installation, maintenance, and management of a state-of-the-art smart lock for YOU! It can even tell us when the batteries need to be replaced so we can ensure your guests have a well-functioning lock for added security plus easy comings and goings throughout their stay. 

Note: the smart lock belongs to Florida CFY, so leaving our program means your original deadbolt/keypad (stored for you at no extra charge) will be reinstalled for you. 

5. Offers Swimming Pool Care

If your Florida vacation rental property has a swimming pool outside or inside, the Florida CFY Advantage Plan offers even more for you! Along with providing and managing pool towel inventory and installing another smart lock on the door leading to the pool area, we schedule and maintain regular pool inspections plus send out pool service twice per week!

As a top-notch amenity to draw in guests, we know how important it is to make sure your swimming pool is clean and functioning properly at all times. And we also know how much time, effort, and money is involved, which is why we added this bonus benefit for pool owners.

FAQ: Florida CFY Advantage Plan

Where do I sign up?
Easy! Fill out this 2-minute Florida rental estimate to get started.

How much does the Florida CFY Advantage Plan cost?
As each beach rental is unique, the monthly fee for the Florida CFY Advantage Plan varies based on the number of bedrooms your property has. Regardless, we can assure you our advantage plan pricing is lower than what some competitors charge outright on a monthly basis…without the added benefits! Please call 1.800.295.0971 for details. 

Keep in mind Florida CFY never charges for the following.

  • Online setup 
  • Linens
  • Hot tub cleans
  • Garbage pickup
  • Business tax
  • Gross receipts
  • Administrative services
  • Marketing 

Is there a multi-property discount?
Not currently, but feel free to ask your owner representative for updates. We’re always working to lower property owner costs!

Are program costs tax deductible?
Possibly. We recommend reaching out to a trustworthy licensed tax professional to discuss your specific situation. 

Does this vacation rental advantage plan boost bookings & profit?
YES! As with all our endeavors for property homeowners, a primary goal that pushed our Florida CFY Advantage Plan was increasing occupancy. For example, bedbug prevention means happier guests, which leads to positive reviews that inspire new guests to book — in addition to obtaining repeat business! And that’s only the revenue-revving power of 1 benefit here! 

Recent data shows an average increase of 12% in reservations — and a 16% spike in revenue — for Florida property owners who’ve opted in for our advantage plan. 

Where can I get more information? 
Speak with a personal owner representative at 1.800.295.0971 or fill out our online rental estimate form to get started — no commitments required! 

BONUS: Marketing Advantage Program

In a sea of 22,000 overnight accommodations flooding the Florida vacation rental market, make your beach rental stand out with the Florida CFY Marketing Advantage Program! Higher visibility online plus added appeal to guests means more revenue in your pocket. Currently, we’re seeing a 32% increase in pageviews + a 27% boost in time spent on a property page — that’s more eyes on your property and more chances of scoring reservations! 

Choose the full bundle at a low monthly rate or select your marketing advantages a la carte. 

1. MatterPort 3D Tour
Let guests walk through your property in a 3D vacation rental virtual tour, keeping potential guests on your property page longer — upping the chances of a reservation for your Florida rental!

2. Drone Shots
Show off phenomenal Emerald Coast views and share a unique perspective of your Florida vacation home with aerial drone photos. 

3. Supplemental Photos
Add to our high-quality professional photos with specialty pictures (the sky’s the limit!) to push your property even further!

Take advantage of these unique opportunities to save money and boost rental income when you partner with Florida CFY today!